29 June 2021

ACOG Impressions


First, I thought that I didn't like ACOGs.

Thinking back, the one I used before was a TA01 or TA11.

No light pipe.

It was carry-handle mounted on a friend's A2 type upper, and too far forward.

This one is a TA31 and mounted on a flat-top where it's supposed to be for proper eye relief.

Second, there's no tinting evident.  The colors through the lens are the same as without.  The only other scopes that I've played with like this are my Nikon on my .270 and the long-sold SUIT.

The others all have a green/blue tinting to them.  Some worse than others.

The FACOG is much more green than the ACOG.

Third, it was kind of nice to not need a coin or even the turret cap to make zero adjustments.  If you think about it, with the cap on, what need is there to prevent turning the adjustment by hand?

Fourth, so far the light getting to the chevron has been correct for the ambient lighting.  It's never been too bright or too dim, though when your in the dark and shooting into the light the red can disappear without problem because it's an etched reticle.

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