10 June 2021


Because the M16A4 clone is all about looks...

Got an Airsoft quality AN/PEQ-15.

It runs on two CR123 batteries and has a light that can best be described as "better than no light at all" which might be unfair because it's a lot brighter than the genuine issue Surefire M951 or M962 with their original incandescent bulbs.

It's made from genuine plastic!  3.9oz. with batteries.  It will not win any durability contests, but for $15... what do you want?

I sure hope that what you want isn't a laser you can zero, because you can't adjust the aim of either the red or green beam.

But this thing is just to look purty while taking pictures, not for actual use.

Interestingly, the same company what makes this also produces an upgraded model which can be zeroed and has a sturdier case.  $60 shipped from Hong Kong.  An absolute bargain if you compare it with a real AN/PEQ-15.

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