30 June 2021

How Good Was The Deal?

The ACOG Mr Fleetwood purchased is the M150 variation of the TA31 RCO.

Being that it was government surplus it was missing $50 worth of kill-flash and flippy-covers.

$795 shipped.

Because it was surplus, no warranty.

Because of its age, the tritium is on borrowed time.

$180 to $300 to fix that.

If you fix the tritium, the rumor is you will then get the warranty.  This is not confirmed.

More than one place says that just the tritium is $180 and $300 is more in line with fixing a stuck prism.

$1,035 total to replace the tritium and killflash.

MSRP is $1,779.

B&H Photography carries it for $1,239.

Still saved $200!  $380 if you leave the tritium alone.

PS: Sellers on Ebay:  You might want to check what retailers are selling brand new ones for before setting your reserve.  If you filled out that warranty card, you've voided the warranty for the second owner, and thus devalued the scope even if it's in brand new condition.

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