25 June 2021

Thump Drag

When I had my accident off the tank turret, my left leg was the far more damaged.

But ever since I completed therapy, my right leg has hurt more.

Not that long ago they confirmed that my left was still in worse shape.

Especially the hip.

The physical therapist who issued my cane suggested walking differently and now that it's been a year or two...

It worked.  Less pain in that hip and the right leg.

What I had been doing is leaning on my cane in my right hand when I was putting weight on my right leg.  This put more load on the bad left hip!

The new way is to lean on the cane with my weight on my left leg with the cane still in my right hand.

Small changes make big differences.

Now! To lose 100 lb.!

1 comment:

  1. Thag, post whatever process you decide on to lose weight. I too can stand to lose 60 lbs (currently down to 280 from near 300) and would be thrilled to get back to the 220 range.

    Navy ran my ass down to 185, never reached that since, normal for me was 210 to 220 in my 20s. I was just over 6' tall, now shrinking a bit with age, down an inch or so from that.

    Basically I have cut all portions of anything I eat to 50% of what is served. Limiting bread (which I love) and in general allowing wife to load veggies and cut down on anything with sugar. This has stabilized things and very slowly lowered the weight. Need to do more but not starve.


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