17 June 2021

Interest Piqued

Ian from Forgotten Weapons has a third Kickstarter running, quite successfully I might add.

I didn't have much interest in Chinese Warlord era firearms, so I was basically ignoring this run.

He's been posting videos on some of the guns that will be included in the book and they've been background noise...

Until today.

I'd totally forgotten about the .45 broom-handle.

I remember that small ad that ran in Shotgun News every issue for a princely sum that I'd never be able to put together delivering pizzas.

It did not change THE WANTS® even the slightest.

The Wants® even went so far as to make GURPS stats for one and even make a story about how the fantasy-race version of the Confederate States of America issued them to their Orc troops as an NCO aptitude test.

If an Orc soldier or marine showed some leadership potential they were promoted corporal and issued a .45 broom-handle.  Because of the puzzle-box nature of disassembly and lots of parts; to be promoted sergeant the gun had to be whole, clean and functioning at the end of a set period of time (I never defined it, the description of the test was extemporaneous color story to curry favor with the GM).

The CSA in this world, by the way, didn't use the broom-handle otherwise.  The CSA is aligned with an unnamed Mormon state where John Moses Browning is cranking out designs like in the real world and pointedly NOT selling them to the tyrannical United States (what propaganda?  I don't see any propaganda!  What are you, an Elf?) but is selling them to the CSA.

This CSA is also still racist as all fuck, but so is everyone else.  It's a typical fantasy world crudely applied to an historical template.  Fantasy worlds are chock full of racism, so it was easy to apply a fantasy race to a real world race/ethnicity to illustrate the point... a point which proved too subtle for some people at the table.


  1. Unf, Shanxi Box Cannon - got really interested in those right about the time the6y got all hoovered up and overpriced. Had a chance at one in a local gunshop, looked to be excellent condition and not *horribly* exorbitant in asking price ($2,000), but the shop wouldn't entertain a payment plan - I could have dropped a grand in cash *that day*, and have it paid off in two paychecks, but nope.

    Now, they're almost all $Texas, and some sellers are full-derp. ("ORIGINAL 11.43mm NOT .45 ACP!")

    Whoops, my eyes just rolled so hard they fell out, and now I need to move the filing cabinet before the cat finds 'em.

  2. I wouldn't have minded having one of those myself. I still do have that Broomhandle I bought---the one in 9mm with the detachable magazines.

    1. Ian will drive the prices up on Chinese Broomies with this book.

      You need to get someone with a good macro lens take a picture of every single marking on yours and get it listed on gunbroker.

    2. When is it expected to be published?

    3. The Kickstarter ended last month. They've been averaging a year after that to delivery.

      Pre-order should work here: https://www.headstamppublishing.com/chinese-pistols

  3. Did the Orc NCO candidates receive the period equivalent of the -10 manual for the .45 broom-handle?

    1. Yes.

      It's also fun that this little, throw away, line about my character has gotten so detailed as I thought about it more.


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