10 August 2022

A Little Dissent

ATF Agent Pens Epic Resignation Letter.

Well worth your time.


  1. America loses because people like this have seen enough. Damned shame

  2. Okay, to put it in perspective, the writer of the letter couldn't handle the increased corruptness and unconstitutionality of the modern BATFE, but had no problem working for them during their previous levels of corruptness and unconstitutionality.

    Remember that. He had no problem doing BATFE jobs until he started balking at the new flying-monkey version of the BATFE job.

    Yeah... Um... Er... Okay. Glad he finally got a spine and discovered his morals.

    But he still worked for them during Obama's tenure as El Presidente, Eric Holder's tenure as Attorney General and all that fun stuff.

    Don't know how long he served, but if he started in the 1990's then he served under Clinton's reign of tenure and all the attacks upon the 2A during those years. If in the early 2000's then he served under squishy Bush's somewhat okay tenure and the attacks upon the 2A then.

    Yeah, so the SA/SS/Gestapo finally couldn't take it no more.


    Now, did he, as he resigned, release to the media and to the NRA and to good Rethuglicans and to the whole 2A support movement all the illegal and immoral and just wrong things and shenanigans he witnessed and crossed his desk during his time? (insert sounds of crickets in outer space, where no one can hear you chirp or decompress...)

    Yeah, thought not.

    I will revise what I said if and only if said ex-BATFE thug does spill the beans on all the overall badthink that he witnessed, and has documentation to back it up. No 'senate hearings 'I kinda remember...'' Actual proof of all the illegalities. Or some of the illegalities. Or even one.

    1. And betray the thin blue line?

    2. Real cops consider the BATFE agents as Active-Stupid. Always screwing up, not to be trusted with a gun, stay far away as a BATFE agent will screw up any investigation it is involved in.

      And, yeah, I wonder how powerful the Mafia would still be if they had a code of silence half as strong as The Thin Blue Line?

  3. BATFE ran guns into Mexico that ended up back in the hands of criminals here in the US. Not 2 guns but hundreds of the very firearms that headquarter types want to ban here. It ended up with the prosecution of how many, less than a handful of felons? I guess that was OK for the agent.
    I have worked with the explosives group and they are outstanding, especially the dog handlers. Fire everyone else.


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