09 August 2022

Poor Riche

Paid the mortgage like usual, but the lender keeps changing the dashboard.

This month their estimated value of my home is displayed alongside the amount I still owe.

Chateu de Ghetto has tripled in value according to the bank!

I also love how in a 30 year loan that the first 20 years don't even halve the principle; but the principle is visibly shrinking now.

The spike in value means that we're getting home equity loan offers in addition to the offers to buy the place outright.

I don't need more bills, so we're not going to take one of those loans, and we've seen the effect on people who did.

1 comment:

  1. 2 ways to look at a 30 year mortgage...the first 20 years are interest, the last 10 is the house...or vice versa...


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