13 August 2022

I Agree

You are correct, Director Garland, unfounded accusations against FBI agents should be condemned.

However, we are talking about the recent raid on former president Trump's residence...

Tell you what:

You actually arrest and charge Hillary for that illegal server and I will strive to consider the hurt feelings of federal law enforcement officers when they appear to be making partisan motivated raids on former elected officials.

Or work with the DEA to bust Hunter Biden.

Or arrest and charge... well... ANYONE whom Ghislane Maxwell was convicted for making arrangements for.  There's at least five people who engaged in the sex that she was convicted of trafficking.  Possibly even the magistrate who signed the search warrant for Mir-A-Lago.

But we shouldn't disparage the fine folks at the Bureau.

Well, except that's the entire point of a First Amendment; to be able to say things about the government and its workers without fear of reprisal.

There's even a federal law, little used, that's supposed to be applied to feds who shit on citizens rights.  If I were a former president whose house had just been searched on a warrant signed by a partisan magistrate by an equally partisan FBI, I'd be talking to my lawyer about bringing those charges.

There's bound to be an honest judge and cop who will make the arrest.


  1. as we both know, none of those things will happen...ever...even if we take both houses in the midterms and win in 2024, you know as well as i do the deep state will never allow orange man bad get anything done...hell, 99% of his own party is against him because they are part of the problem...panzer guy...

  2. I would think that things like this raid would fall under "violation of civil rights under cover of law." ISTR they went after a lot of Southern police and sheriffs and deputies for that sort of shenanigans during the Civil Rights movement's glory days. I also think this raid sets a very, very bad precedent. The main reason they didn't arrest Hillary for her shenanigans was because she was running for POTUS, and arresting opposition candidates, even if they're guilty as hell, is the sort of thing that goes on in banana republics. Now they've opened the door to this (even Nixon was let alone after he resigned) and the precedent they've set will come back to haunt them.

    1. I even linked to the law you're referring to...

      Nixon got let alone because he did what presidents are supposed to do when they leave office. Disappear from the public eye.

      Clinton broke that tradition hard and Trump is the first Republican to break it. Democrats are allowed this break, Republicans are not.

    2. Sorry 'bout that---I didn't see the link. And IMO Trump could go to the far ends of the earth and they'd still pursue him. They think that he's the cause of the trends they see that they don't like, and don't grok that Trump himself never understood or grokked the forces that propelled him into office.


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