16 August 2022

The Why Of Pistol Lanyards

The main purpose of the lanyard is to retain the pistol should you happen to drop it, sparing it the fall and the indignity of landing in the dirt or mud.

That's the official reason.

The real reason is you'd have to get off your horse to retrieve your gun and that's unacceptable!


PS: This is also how we can tell that Cav Scouts ain't really Cavalry.  They mainly dismount to do their, essential, job.

Tankers remain mounted the entire fight.

In a nutshell:

If you walk to the fight and fight on foot, you're infantry.

If you ride to the fight and fight on foot, you're a dragoon.  (Like the "cavalry" during the Indian wars).

If you ride to the fight and fight from your mount, you're cavalry.

If you don't get near the fight at all, but still fuck the place all the Hell up, you're arty.


  1. What if you fall from the sky to fight? I’d say that makes you a demon.

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  3. silent death, scouts out...panzer guy...

  4. I was reading about the Civil War in the American West (there was fighting nearly as far west as California, and the southern half of what became Arizona and New Mexico was claimed as the "Territory of Arizona" by the CSA; there was also a lot of fighting in Texas and Kansas---Kansas was especially bitter, the war started early there and lingered late)---and a man off his horse was a man who was about to die in those fights. Out there, cavalry was very much the dominant arm. In one battle, I read, a bunch of inexperienced Union soldiers dismounted, and a horrified Confederate said: "Lord have mercy on those fools, they're dismounting to fight!" Then the Rebels annihilated them.


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