14 August 2022

I Remember When

When I first started making AR's from kits, I was firmly set in making clones of retro guns.

Fortunately for me, I caught the bug when retro parts were practically being given away.  You cannot buy a vintage A1 upper receiver for what I paid for Bubba's complete A1 upper assembly.

I was ahead of the trend.

At the time kits were pretty evenly divided between A2 uppers and flat-tops; but the utility of the flat top took hold and there was suddenly tons of unwanted A2 uppers to be had.

I dabbled a bit at making an A2 clone but didn't really commit for years until I made one from an 80% lower engraved with the serial number from my issue M16A2.

I am glad I hung onto that A2 upper receiver now!

Just as quickly as the market was awash in A2 uppers... there were none.

A2 uppers just weren't around.

That appears to be changing, because the trend is now to make M16A2 clones.

What was old is new again!

I wonder if Beretta M9 and Model 92FS prices will spike along with it?


  1. Everyone wants what isn't available... Someone posts they can't find something... then everyone goes "OH NOES, I NEEDS THAT!"...

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  3. Over at the Scum of Hive and Villany that is Reddit, I've been engaged in rumor control and fact providing for months now, regarding retro parts in general and Nodak Spud's new incarnation as H&R specifically. The number of people throwing literal tantrums because stuff in unobtanium/rare to begin with/not immediately available by clicking on a "buy" button is *staggering*.

    Just had someone snivelling because russianpaint (IntMilCo) pricing was high, and numbers were low, and that the maker (dude is running a damn-near one man shop building making clone-correct, down to actual rollmarks; only thing I'vwe seen missing is actual pony pictures) wasn't interested in lowering the price. (Until such time as he can ramp up production without lowering quality.)

    H&R is getting spun back up, with higher production part of the plan. But nobody has *patience*... nor are most willing to dig through gun and pawn shops, the Arfcom EE and GAFS on Reddit, or other (non-GunBorker/auction sites) to look - I'm just randomly looking around, oh hey, NIB Nodak stripped slickside upper for $100-120. Hey, brand-new (unknown manufacturer) A2 upper for $100. NIB Nodak E1 lower. People are hitting the shops and walking out with complete A1 uppers for $300, or stripped down to $100.

    Only reason I don't have a Throne of Retro to slouch on is lack of funds.. (well, and also not being a dick and trying to help folks out.)

    Speaking of which, Brownell's moved the Ark of the Covenant over and found a crate or more of black BRN-16A1 lowers, $150 plus shipping and tax, in case you know anyone who can live with that color and possible anodizing issues. Still in-stock as if 30 seconds ago...


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