19 August 2022

Speaking Of Dark Elves

GURPS 3e: Fantasy Folk has elves and dark elves.

The distinction between them is supposedly cultural.


The problem arises in that the "radical" dark elf is one who rejects the dark elf culture's racism and then gets a social stigma attacked to them because nobody trusts dark elves.

How the fuck would you tell a radical dark elf from a normal elf then?

The book is silent.

It's not like the divide between Elves and Drow in AD&D.


  1. Maybe they speak with different accents?

  2. in the dark elf trilogy by RA Salvatore, you can't tell the diff between Drizzit and the other dark elves...of course dark elves are evil and Drizzit is not...panzer guy...

  3. GURPS is vague so you have the room to make the game what you will. That wonderful flexibility is why I like GURPS. -JKing


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