08 August 2022

Did I Say Easier?

It's established wisdom that 9mm is easier to learn to shoot than .45 because the gun kicks less.

When comparing full size service autos this is certainly true.

Part of the conceal carry renaissance is first getting .380's in the same form factor as .32's.  Then getting 9mm in that size then getting high-cap versions of that 9mm.

Guns like the Shield Plus weren't possible in the '80's when Florida passed shall-issue.  Never mind there wasn't much market for such guns anyway because it was, nationally, difficult to get a carry permit.

But what these little guns aren't is easier to shoot than even a compact .45; like a Commander.

Not really a novice gun, and they are lots of people's first gun.  Sometimes only gun.

People get their permit and ask the person behind the counter, "what're the good ones for carry?"

As long as they get some practice time, I think they will be happy with their purchase.

Of course, most people don't and are happy as clams packing a gun they put a single box through once, and have never checked to see if the recommended JHP works in their gun.

Even with record crime going on in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York (SPIT) City; the odds of actually needing your carry gun are still quite low most any place you're allowed to pack it.  Hmmm...  Not in those places I named?  Odd.


A subcompact 9mm is as difficult to shoot as any light .45; not easier.

But since it's many people's only gun, they're never going to know that.

They just need to get out there and put rounds down range to learn their gun.

They might even benefit from paying an instructor.


  1. Have to agree... Have a wee little 9mm I picked up recently for carry and with the small frame it is just difficult for me to shoot when I compare it to my standard 1911's I learned to shoot with. If they ever reappear, I am definitely snagging one of the extended magazines with the grip extension (? Not sure what the part is called, polymer like the grip "filler" between the small magazine well and the full sized magazine)... Big fan of interchangeable parts since the Taurus G3's and G3C's can swap a bit there...

    My wife and daughters were "less thrilled" when I taught them to shoot as I started with the 1911's then moved them to 9mm (Lugar)... The second pistol was a relative joy for them and they quickly built up confidence with the "lighter recoil" and extreme accuracy of the P-08 vs the beat up GI 1911's... But that was how I learned so...

    1. I think they're called magazine sleeves. My compact M&P even came with two of them so you can use full-size 17-rounders without an unsightly gap.

  2. For maximum easy try a Commander sized 9mm. I've shot a Star BM and it has a smoth trigger and very low recoil.

  3. the small glocks like the 43 and 43x are def snappy...panzer guy...


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