16 August 2022

The People Who Need To Hear It Won't Listen

I keep repeating it to the liberal people that still bother to talk to me.

Many of the things they are most worried about are symptoms, not causes.

They think that by attacking and eliminating the symptom they are "alleviating" the cause.

What people were demanding at the early TEA party rallies and getting a President Trump are symptoms.

There's a large number of people whom, not only, feel that they have been disenfranchised, they have been systematically excluded from many aspects of controlling their own lives.

They've always been a plurality in American politics, and it looks like they're heading to be a majority if they aren't there already.

Perhaps even a significant majority.

There's a huge swath of things that Americans think is wrong, and are sick of being told that nothing can be done about it by the people committing the wrong in a space they've carved out to be immune from the consequences.

Our, would be, rulers have forgotten that legal and right aren't actually the same thing.

They are confronted with, "what you are doing is wrong!" and replying, "I'm not breaking the law!"

Those are not mutually exclusive positions.

In a day long passed, Mr Nancy Pelosi's stock trades would have been a career ending scandal for her despite nothing illegal going on.

In a day long passed, the families of those in office would have been held far from their dealings; because it was bad form for even the appearance of nepotism to be hinted at.

Now it's the fucking norm and people don't like it.

Most Americans are really in the A = A camp about things and think that's how things should be run.

What remains to be seen is if they will need to kill someone to get back there.

What's obvious is the people in power are signalling that they're willing to kill someone to keep things as they are.  If some of the theories are right, they've already started killing people.


  1. I think the "nepotism" taboo was comprehensively broken first by the sainted JFK, when he appointed his brother Robert, who had little experience as an attorney, as Attorney General.

  2. you know they have offed some people...hell, for just being a human and to fulfill the world reset, they almost got away with making it mandatory to take an experimental shot (i say experimental, pretty sure they knew damn well what it would do) just so they could thin the herd...history is full of shit they have done to their own citizens...panzer guy...

  3. They also don't understand individual actions - they assumed the tea party was organized from top down and they assume that Trump is the organizer and focal point of his movement; they don't realize that he was the first to harness an existing movement and that removing him will only strengthen that movement which will make it easier for someone else to harness (and likely more effectively), for example DeSantis.
    If they realized who else could be involved and what else could happen, they would prefer to keep Trump, who despite being noisy really didn't do much...

    1. Trump's problems were twofold: He never really expected to win and did not assemble a team of people he could trust for appointive offices, and he never really understood the forces that had propelled him into office.

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