11 August 2022

Deep Scan

When a friend comes down with 4 Trojans and a malware, and you've borrowed a file or two from them...

It's time to do a deep scan.

And that's what my desktop is doing for the next... who knows how long.


  1. been 2 1/2 hours, done yet?...panzer guy

    1. I restarted it after making sure it was checking all the external drives too. Five hours later it's on drive E and showing 98%. If it's doing them in order there's 12tb of movies and music to scan.

  2. done?...lol...panzer guy...

    1. 98% on Drive E still. IIRC it did this last deep scan too. E is a Mac Journaled drive and that seems to take a lot longer to scan.


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