08 August 2022


77 years ago, this very moment, Bock's Car dropped the second, and last, atomic bomb used in anger.

That's one hell of a record.

Here's hoping we make it 100.  A faint hope with the current resident of the White House...


  1. And so many lives saved because of that 2nd drop (and the 1st.) Soooo many lives.

    I honestly don't think that Japan, in any way, would have existed after we finished with her. Then again, I don't think that we as a nation would have survived the bloodletting and complete destruction of Japan.

    Of course, we could have just completely blockaded, constantly shelled and bombarded, denuded the forests, used poisons on the farmlands, burned the cities and hamlets and every shack to the ground and starved them all to death. Would that have been better than bombing them twice with nukes?

    Or we could have invaded, and between the ridiculously high levels of preps they had, the fanatical spirit, the wretched terrain (some of which makes central and north Italy look positively flat) and with the Soviets knocking on the door and it would have made Iwo Jima seem bloodless.

    Then again, how close was Japan to getting the Bomb? And to releasing the Pandora's Box of horrors they had been brewing up? Can you imagine the damage a couple buried A-bombs left as they retreated could have done? Or been delivered into a captured anchorage? Or even to the US mainland aboard a sub? Same with the bio-warfare and the poison gasses and everything else they had and didn't use?

    Yeah, a polite double-tap of radiation was and still is far better for both our nations, and, perhaps the world.

  2. It's a good opportunity to point out that in comparison to the massive catalog of Japanese atrocities between 1937-45 a couple of nukes was lenient. I am happy to say this any Japanese standing in front of Yasekuni Shrine going waah we got nuked

  3. We should have delivered a 3rd nuke to Moscow and a 4th to wherever Mao was at that time. Imagine the world today without 40 years of Cold War? No Korean War. No war in Vietnam. Sure, there probably would have been other problems... But a world without Stalin and Mao would have been a better world. Those guys were each worse than Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo put together.


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