16 August 2022

Dragoon Or Arty

If you ride to the fight, but fight on foot; you're a dragoon.

It doesn't matter what you ride.  Mule, chariot, horse, bicycle, scooter, car, APC, or airplane.

That makes airborne and paratroopers dragoons.

If you're nowhere near the fight but are still fucking shit up on the battlefield, you're arty.

That's a lot of Air Force and Navy here.

It gets confusing if a pilot dropping bombs is in the fight or not or just being direct fire arty.

The silly scarves kinda imply a cavalry relationship, but they don't wear silly hats, making it hard to tell.

If you're cavalry, you really should wear the silly hat!

Never lose your hat!  Any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan.


  1. The Jaegers from "Girl Genius"? Awesome series I lost track of when I moved a few years ago... Assuming that was where the hat quote was from at least as they were rather serious about their hats...

  2. Pilots and air crew that are direct attack are a form of cavalry artillery, kind of like a machine gun or cannon mounted on a camel.

    Indirect attacks, dropping guided stuff or lobbing or just dropping unguided stuffs, artillery.

    SEALS are dragoons. They ride into and ride out of battles. Same thing with Parajumpers, Rangers, Green Beenies, whatever SF the Coasties have, etc.

  3. So. I was a 19D when I was enlisted. Went Green to Gold. And was an Infantry fella. But I fashioned a blue hat cord and wore it on my back up stetson. I wore said hat any chance I got in the AStan.


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