15 August 2022

Las Vegas Is A Gun Free Zone

A poster on Arfcom recorded his experience with the Hotel's SWAT team.

He's a little miffed at the experience, and his language filters are off.

Gun free zones are where people go to get killed, and it looks like the hotel staff is ready and willing to be the killers.

Spend your money elsewhere.


  1. I always thought Nevada had pretty relaxed gun laws. Or is this just in the casino hotels?

  2. Well, I guess any Ceasar's properties are a no-go. Sad. I used to like going to Las Vegas. Interestingly, that kind of policy is not legal in Texas. Here they can't deny a guest permission to have a firearm in their room or the free passage from the outside to their room with such a firearm. I think they can forbid open carry inside the building, but that's about it.

  3. When I was younger I wanted to do the Fear & Loathing tour but I grew out of that. Hell, I haven't seen the things in my own town or state that I want to see. And I don't gamble, at least with money.

  4. eat a dick....hahahahaha...sad...not that i care, but another state to write off my list...panzer guy...

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