11 August 2022

How Are You Still Surprised?


After three years of the CMP diligently shipping guns and hundreds of owners posting pictures of the various grades...

How can someone still be disappointed in the condition of the gun they got, especially when they're active in the thread with all the pictures?

I'd love to see if the people most disappointed are people who were never issued one at the end of its life.

The pistol I got from CMP is in a lot better shape than 1164935 was when I turned it in for the last time and it started its second lift in the Philippines.

But the condition of guns has run the gamut of what I would have expected from the guns which were still in inventory as the M9 supplanted them.

People talked about how bad it could be for years before CMP shipped the first ones.  People showed pictures of theirs as they took delivery, and for the most part they've been on the better side of the range we expected with very few as bad as we feared they'd be.

And people are still surprised and disappointed?

I guess some people have to complain about everything, huh?


  1. Looks a heck of a lot better than the one I was issued... But we were Combat Engineers and might have been a bit harder on our gear over the years than other folks... Still, that looks awesome and got me thinking seriously about getting on that list myself...

  2. We tankers weren't gentle on then. Hatch coamings shattered a lot of grips.

  3. I’m with you 100% on this one… I got sick of a significant portion of commenters on a certain forum complaining about condition. You’re buying a near 80 year old piece of .gov equipment, what the hell do you expect?

    I think a lot of the complainers forget that the mission of the CMP isn’t to provide old Fudd’s with bargain basement priced collector firearms. I also think many of them were not so secretly hoping that the orders would be salted with occasional 1918 black army’s or something. Don’t even get me started on the same folks who’s wives, parents, kids, neighbors etc all “just happen to have ordered 1911’s at the same time as I did.” Makes me furious that a small group are flouting the rules like they are.

    Of course, I’m the guy who gambled on a rack grade in the last round and got what I would have graded a least a field grade and probably a service grade, so what do I know? I’m probably the only one in the 3rd round who got better than I excepted. 😉

  4. Hey Angus;

    As hokey as it looks, I'm thinking about putting a lanyard loop on my Springfield Range officer .45. I always liked the lanyards on my 45's in my armory when I was an armorer.

    1. I love lanyard loops on my pistols and think that any service pistol should have one.

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