02 October 2023

Criminal Charges Are In Order

I think that Jamaal Bowman deserves some criminal charges.


Because congress creatures of his ilk have been screaming about how wrong it is to yell, "fire," in a crowded theater for decades.

He, literally, did that very thing in a crowded Congress when he pulled the fire alarm.

There was no fire, and thus endangered everyone with his actions, and therefore should be severely punished!


  1. I'm guessing that because of his race and the fact he is a communist , pedo joe will give him a medal of bravery.

  2. #1- He halted the "business of the House" (or some BS) and there are J-6 political prisoners who weren't even IN the capitol who got hard time for that.
    #2- In 2016 a bunch of geriatric Democrats had a sit-in on the House floor (also halting "the business of the house -or some BS like that) reliving their college days, ,,,and needed help getting back up.
    #3-He's a black Democrat and nothing is going to be done by The Stupid Party.

  3. I completely agrree. However because he is a libtard he will be given a pass. Probably get the Presidential Meal of Freedom from Biden if anything.


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