03 October 2023

This Is A Big Part Of The Problem

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments about the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's very existence.

It was formed in 2011.

It's been doing its thing for 12 years.

12 years from formation to USSC and probably another year until a ruling.

So thirteen years of something being (potentially) unconstitutional before anything is done about it.

In the mean time, people change what they do and suffer the costs of those changes for more than a decade until...  It all changes back and we suffer the costs of changing to the start state.

The system is too fucking ponderous and slow.

FFS, the 14th amendment is has not, yet, fully incorporated all ten of the Bill of Rights because this system is so ponderous.

That one is pushing 200 years when it could have been handled in one ruling.

But we had to incorporate emanations and penumbras and we got Slaughterhouse instead.

And most people are clueless.

They don't understand the basic premise of The Constitution and that it's intended to be read as a plain text.  Further, they've been indoctrinated to misunderstand what enumerating document means.

If we had a proper understanding of it, they'd Grok in its fullness that if it's not specifically authorized in the document and its amendments, then it is forbidden to the government(s).

Michele Evermore and I went back and forth on that.  But she worked for a senator and I was just an unwashed citizen.  What did I know?

1 comment:

  1. Emanations, penumbras, and implied powers. Basically, smoke and mirrors.


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