03 October 2023

Forty-Three Minutes And Twelve Seconds That Anglave WIll Not Watch

This globull warmering bullshit and whether it was really a problem ended my friendship with one Anglave.

He was an expert at finding what the choir was singing, but not receptive at all to looking for dissenting opinions.

I once followed the citations from his several links to a single paper's author.

An author whom refused to share his data so that others could replicate their work.  <-- That's a red flag.

He dismissed the behavior of East Anglia's "scientists" and their malfeasance with deleting their data to keep others from duplicating their work.

That's not science.  That's anathema to the scientific method.

Notice that Dr. Curry sought more data to confirm her original conclusion when confronted with potential errors.  Also notice that when the people confronting her conclusions had a point, she concedes when she was wrong.

That's how science and scientists are supposed to behave.


  1. This was always one I had to keep especially quiet on working at the University of Illinois where being an IT worker ("Electronic Janitor") to the Faculty who ran the place and with the overwhelming majority of them being so far to the left... The "hockey stick" chart that could not be replicated and did not seem to reflect reality? No, not a problem, it fit the narrative, so it would be heresy to question it. Not sharing the data and then "losing" it?
    No, totally normal, happens all the time... How dare you question it, the study fits the narrative :-) Of course these were the same folks who held onto the gun control "study" that cited data from San Francisco in the late 1800's to the early 1900's.... Would be interested in seeing how they accessed that data, because it would seem that successful time travel would make more of a splash than it did...

    1. That's not entirely accurate. The hockey stick was easy to reproduce. You got it with any start point regardless of the variables you changed. Almost as if the algorithm was rigged or something.

  2. Libtards want to force a "one world government" modeled after the old USSR and CCP. Climate change is one of their tracks to try to force that. They need to force global austerity in order to make people accept things like eating bugs and an end to private ownership of property. Whether the climate is really a problem doesn't matter. What matters is giving massive control over to governments.

  3. Fascinating. Stossel really is sort of refreshing to listen to compared to so many in the news media.


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