04 April 2020

Look Out Grumman and H&K

AM General loses trademark lawsuit over use of Humvee in video game.

I was a pretty avid flight sim junky and I noticed the lack of several planes in the Pacific theater.

The TBF Avenger being the most noticeable.

The reason?  Grumman sued the balls of people who attempted to use the plane in their game because they owned the trademark on "Avenger" when associated with airplanes.

From the cancelled A-12A program and TBF, they felt they owned the use of the name.

Never mind they didn't apply the name to the plane.  Never mind that General Motors has as good a claim to the name because they made a lot of TBM Avengers.

Never mind the people whom really own these planes are the citizens of the USA.  TBF and TBM are the official US Navy designations, not Grumman's.  It was designed in accordance to a US Navy requirement and every single plane was paid for by us.  Avengers in foreign service were resold and the money put back into the treasury.

I eagerly await the TBM in DCS...


  1. Hah. Rusky has Grumman's butt. Why? Because World of Warships uses TBF Avengers as carrier aircraft.

    So this stupid ruling only counts in Amerika? Ha.

    1. Do they just look like Avengers or are they called Avengers? I think that matters.

      Back in the old days of IL-2 Pacific they couldn't put the player version of the TBF in because Grumman successfully sued to have it removed... but they weren't successful in getting the NPC model removed because it was shown as TBM only.

    2. Lockeed has successfully sued to keep the C-130 out of several games.

    3. They look like Avengers. As well as a vaguely plane thingy can on my laptop as I'm blazing away while dodging frackin torpedoes.


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