25 April 2020

Took A Peek

Went to our tragic Greek poet's place.

To sum up his argument against several recent reports that the virus' antibodies have been found more widely distributed than previously reported is:

I don't believe this, nyah nyah.

It must be because these reports tend to agree with the total infection numbers from closed systems like Diamond Princess and Theodore Roosevelt.

I recall him dismissing Diamond Princess as useless data once, so he's committed to rejecting data that he doesn't like.


Over and over.

It's a pattern.


  1. He is discounting all the circumstantial evidence that a whole lot of people had a non-seasonal flu that just hung in the patients' lung tissue and took many weeks, up to two months, to clear up.

    Like Willard, Sarah Hoyt, my wife.

    Because they didn't get the Wu Ping test, he discounts any evidence.

    He also discounts South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan as all being cases of coverup and outliers.

    Of course, before he went hard on Corona-Wuhan EndoftheWorld, he was saying Corona-Wuhan was nothing special and those worrying about this outbreak were all full of excrement.

    Sad that Borepatch has fallen for it, even after all the people on his site said exactly what we've been saying. Sad that he has fallen for Not-Socrates' line of carp.

  2. Yeah I had the not flu Wuhan cold starting around Dec 10th and lasted almost seven weeks. Got prescribed inhaler, azithromyecin, and steroids. Finally got better by end of January.


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