29 July 2020

An Odd Feeling

I just stabbed "buy it now" on a Colt New Service revolver in .45 Colt.

The odd feeling is I've bought a gun from this gun shop before.  In person.

It was the only gun shop for 40 miles worth visiting when you lived in Ames when I did.

Even more fun is having a C&R and being able to just about do this directly.

Now we move at the speed of USPS.

Special thanks to Willard and FuzzyGeff for their assistance in this.


  1. I actually stopped in there last time I passed through that area. Shop looked pretty much the same as it did 25 years ago. And from what I gather it is still pretty much the only shop within 40 miles of Ames worthy of darkening the doorway of. Some things it seems don't change. FWIW, they still had the same posters on the wall at Pizza Pit that were there 30 years ago. Just a little more faded and worn.

    1. FuzzyGeff and I ate in the Jim Morrison Memorial Garden last time I was at PizzaPit. It's near identical to how it looked in '91 when I was working there.

      It's one of the few things I really miss about Ames.

    2. I'm kind of torn. While I feel some nostalgia for things being unchanged, in a way I also find it kind of depressing. It seems like so much of Ames is caught in a time warp. But that illusion is sometimes broken by the fact that as I said, the reality is sometimes a little threadbare compared to the memories. The only thing worse is so many of the other memories from back then which no longer exist, either now obliterated or abandoned or all too often iconic places replaced by plastic chain schmutz. The same thing is happening here, to a slightly lesser extent possibly. I think it happens everywhere.

  2. I haven't been in there in quite a while. For various reasons, I'm not as in the habit of heading Ames-ward as I once was. Next time I go, I may just stop in if only to say "hi."


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