08 July 2020

If There Were Honest Reporting

The increase in the number of dead today is 1/4 the increase in the number of new cases two weeks ago.

They keep stressing that the death rate is a lagging indicator.  They always say two weeks.

The number of cases is increasing at 5-9% a day with a mean of 5.28%
The number of deaths is increasing at 1.74 to 3% a day, but is falling from 3 not increasing from 1.  The mean is 1.23%

Cases are increasing four times as quickly as deaths.

This is excellent news!

In the same two weeks the crude case fatality rate has fallen from 3.01% to 1.74%.

This is excellent news!

We know that the number of new cases includes positive antibody tests.

We don't know what percentage of new cases are antibody tests.

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