14 July 2020


Watching Extraction and at the point where Rake has the kid... uh... extracted and there's fuckery going on about his team being paid for the job just before the bad guys start taking his team out.

I know what my players would have done if they'd been the rescue team.

The kid would be dead.

The only question would have been if it would have taken significant time for the kid to die, but he'd be dead once the people who hired them to rescue the brat failed to pay.

This trope is as consistent with this genre of tabletop RPG as "you meet in a tavern".


  1. I watched it too and though I knew that it wasn't going to end that way I agree, 9 out of 10 groups I played with would have smoked the kid and E&E'd.

  2. Most players I know would have done a complete extraction of the kid, while smoking anyone who gets in the way, and holding Ovi out for a new round of ransom. Depending on the innocence of the kid, that is. Innocent? Pull him out, kill everyone who resists. Being a reasonable 'Something-Good' response. Kid doesn't deserve to live up in an evil org type of thing.

    If the kid's a part of his dad's crim-org, well, yeah, smoke him, smoke them, smoke everyone who gets in the way of getting out of Dodgistan.

    "Lucky Number Sleven" would be a good example of PC reaction in a focused elimination of badness.

    My typical group worked like this: Play every NPC against every other NPC, every group or organization against another and against itself, keep secrets even from the DM/GM, and watch the Paladin successfully justify mass extermination of whole towns and sections of cities. Like, "Well, if the citizenry doesn't stand up against evil, then they are complicit in the evil that occurs. To stop evil, kill them all, let the gods know their own."

    1. Most of the time my players were on the younger end of college student and not very nuanced.


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