06 July 2020

Ironic Advice

If you're one of the many people in central Florida and/or Texas who has Frontier Communications for internet and you're currently down:

Change your DNS server settings to Primary and Secondary to bypass the jury-rigged with baling wire and duct-tape DNS servers Frontier manages.

Your internet should come back directly.

I understand that giving this advice over the internet that you likely cannot see because of the outage is ironic.


  1. FRONTIER SUCKS!!! I got rid of Frontier over 3 years ago. Their infrastructure out where I live is stuck in the 1990's. I had a landline with DSL, and had been a legacy subscriber (S.N.E.T./SBC/AT&T) since 1996. With all the acquisitions, there was none of the promised infrastructure upgrades, they were barely able to maintain what they had, then they'd sell again. The best Frontier could offer was up to 3 MBPS download and 768 KBPS upload, but I never got anywhere near that. Plus the fact that my landline went out at least twice a year for a week at a time. I now have Charter Spectrum cable internet, with my cellular data plan as my backup. Spectrum's standard offer is 100 MBPS, but every speed test I do from home is 115 MBPS download and 12 MBPS upload.

    1. We started, and were happy, with Verizon FIOS. They were fast, responsive and we didn't have many outages.

      Then they sold us to Frontier. Didn't sell Frontier the software that ran the hardware... which is why all the BS lately.

      Even with the complaint today, this is only the third major outage in several years with them.

      Our other choice is Spectrum. If you're on their network, you PRAY to be trapped in the '90's as they're the company that bought out Time Warner who bought out a local cable company and have been trying to make that co-ax based shite function regularly.

      Neither is ideal, but at least with them competing with each other they do try to get things fixed faster than you can get the other company out to install.

    2. A lot, it seems, depends on where you are and what infrastructure was in place before it was bought out.

      In my hood Frontier is the good one. Just a few miles away, Spectrum is far better.

      A couple of my readers have Comcast or nada.

  2. More ironic is that if you run a personal open DNS server you will have your server blocked if you are on a cloud service. The two IPs you gave are open DNS servers but that's ok, they belong to Google.


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