16 July 2020

Set The Bar Low

Software Janitor mentions, "It just sounds like they want to burn down all of society and they have a very low bar with what to replace it with."

Have I got a surprise for them!

What keeps that low-bar society from, itself, being replaced by "white society"?

A "white society" which will dispense with the niceties of the society which the low-bar society supplanted.

The rules will be different.

It's dangerous to make large changes to an existing civilization without hard thought about the consequences of those changes.

The savages getting their way might be the fastest route to peace.

So is going straight down the rock-strewn rapids.


  1. Is this a current-day, somewhat convoluted, example of Chesterton's Fence?

    I, also, am of the opinion that the destroyers will NOT like what grows from their destruction.

    1. I think I must have been channeling Chesterton.


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