22 July 2020


The lack of police response encouraged protesters to become rioters.

This cuts both ways.

The person who opposes the riot, when they know the cops ain't coming, is enabled to do more than shout, "stop!"

When the dust settles and only the defenders of property get arrested, the people who were defending their property wonder why they supported the police in the first place.

When the cops leave counter-protesters hanging when the purpose of that counter protest was to support the police, they ask, why did we bother?

The average citizen knows what it wants the police to be and they aren't getting what they want in too many places.

They're sick of being told by their employees that they are not the boss.

They're sick of being told how difficult things will be if the citizens get what they want.

The politicization of too many police departments has brought us to this point.

The police unions were instrumental.

Property rights are the most important of all rights.

Property crimes are the lowest priority for the police.

Theft, trespassing and vandalism are violations of property rights.

Yet, the police put no priority on solving most of these crimes.

The criminals see the lack of police response and are emboldened by it.  They spread the word that retaliation for these "petty" crimes is likewise petty compared to the gains from it.

Because we can't get police to do much about it.

The cops aren't entirely to blame here.  Politicians reducing sentences on "petty" crime have a huge hand here.  Judges being lenient.  Prosecutors being lazy.

The servants of society believe they're our masters and we suffer and pay the price.

But I sense a change coming.

A reversion might be in the offing.


  1. One hopes, otherwise, the citizens are going to deal out their own justice. And they won't be using non-lethal means.

  2. I hope you are right. I'm not optimistic that things will change for the better any time soon though. Or at least that things might get a lot worse before they do. The problem is the liberals seem hell bent on burning everything down.


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