20 July 2020


My best effort with the M50 is disappointing, but I learned some from it.

Aperture priority, handheld.

Canon M50, EF-S 55-200, f/4.0, 1.6", 55mm, ISO 12,800
I had my old SX20 with us and Marv did better.  Braced against a post.

Canon SX20 IS, f/2.8, 15", 5mm, ISO 400
If the weather holds, we're going to try again tomorrow and I will see if I can improve on it with the slightly faster kit lens.


  1. I went looking for it last night and couldn't find it, but I have a terrible view to the Northwest. The neighborhood has overgrown to the point that all I can see is trees from my backyard.

  2. Actually those photos aren't bad. I was able to see it in binos, but it has been hazy enough here that my view was a lot more washed out than that.


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