10 July 2020

Good Shoot

Looks like a good shoot so far.

But, since this is Florida, the homeowner will probably be charged for hate crimes or something once the respective races of everyone involved are revealed.

Rumor has it he used a 10mm.  Col Cooper's Grave is humming.


  1. About 3 miles from my house. Homeowner's cool re: no charges. Pasco County Sherriff is not pressing charges. (Not as cool as the Polk County Sherriff tho!) They haven't released info on dead ones yet, but they both had extensive violent crime arrests in the past. Haven't seen pics, but based on name of surviving criminal, I'm guessing one of our darker pigmented guests. (I won't call them residents, as Liberia is waiting upon their imminent return). Florida is actually pretty good on stand your ground/castle doctrine situations.

    1. Howdy Neighbor! I'm further than three miles, but not too many more.

    2. Doesn't matter if the Sheriff won't press charges. Some enterprising State Attorney will stroke the 'muh diversity' crowd for his/her/its upcoming election and drop charges. It is the way these things work, especially if the local scandal rag grabs the diversity bull by the horns.


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