05 July 2020


This year is unusual for fireworks.

We buy the mortars during the buy one get two free sales in the off times and the "happy fun" variety packs on the 4th.

The tents were cleaned out.

Our initial thought was that supplies were low, because of Wu Ping Cough.

Listening to the cracking and banging...

Supplies were fine, sales must have been brisk.

It feels good to hear.

I hope it portends well for the future that people are celebrating this day 244 years ago when we collectively told our government to fuck off, we can do better.


  1. Between about 8 and 11 last night it sounded like the Battle of Fallujah - minus the air support.

    To be honest, probably not even Fallujah without air support, but continuous small arms fire with occasional mortars.

  2. Went to the fireworks warehouse yesterday. They were not cleaned out: there were still lots on the shelf.

    Set off fireworks at the undisclosed location (outside of Austin city limits, in Williamson County) at night. There were more of my friend's neighbors shooting off fireworks than I've ever seen before. If there was a fireworks shortage, or people isolating due to Wu Ping Cough, you couldn't tell it down in here in my neck of the woods.

    We had a darn fine time, and "continuous small arms fire with occasional mortars" is a pretty accurate summary.

    ==Dwight Brown


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