25 July 2020

Leading By Example

Just in case anyone missed it, I am an Atheist.

The courtesy I extend to the people suffering under gender dysphoria?

I extend that to y'all who've got an invisible friend too.

While I respect the WASP work ethic and concede that it helped build America, there's no proof that believing in an invisible friend is anything but a mental disorder that demands treatment.

See what I did there?

Can you make the connection to your not published comment diatribe about the queers?

There is no God, PROVE me wrong.  On second thought; that there is no sure proof short of the grave, maybe let's not find out who's right on this one.

I don't like shitting on people with religion.  They're, for the most part, some fine folks and I don't want to drag them into the shit because of a couple commenters who feel that I need to be taken to task for not condemning "the fucking faggots" to Hell with them.

I'm not the one hearing voices commanding me to DO SOMETHING about "the fucking faggots".

And it must be voices from the aether too, because the passage you keep citing in YOUR book doesn't say anything about being homosexual, it's about pederasty.  I find it odd that I know where to find the passage that actually condemns homosexuality in YOUR book and you don't.  Especially when the passages are right fucking next to each other.

Aside: A strict reading of The New Testament will clue you in that the Old Testament (aka The Torah) doesn't apply to Christians because NEW TESTAMENT.

Second aside:  Are you eating pork?  Shellfish?  Meat on Friday?  Observing the Sabbath on the wrong day ie: Sunday?  Same book.  If you can be let out of those rules because... reasons, then you can be let out of hatin' on the LGBT by the same mechanism.

I agree with The Bible on this, pederasty is wrong and those who practice it aren't dealt with in near as harsh a manner as I'd like to see.

What's that first rule, "Don't be a dick."

I thought long and hard before posting this, but a couple idiots just can't get the message that they're not going to get their comment diatribe posted.

Something else for y'all religiously inclined people to consider: By Atheist, I really do mean that there is no God.  That means that citing YOUR religious text to prove to me something is wrong is irrelevant.  I don't care what a fictional character in a novel has to say on the matter.  From my perspective God is no more real than Frodo Baggins and The Lord of the Rings is easier to read.

Come up with a secular argument or stop trying to convince me.

To the polite and not-at-all-being-a-dick people with religion, this was not meant to be offensive, merely abrasive, because I'm sick of the people claim to share your beliefs trying to shit in the comments.


  1. I don't know why people are trying to preach to you.
    Just block them and move forward.
    Keep doing what you're doing.
    I'd tip you but FUCKING CANCER took all my money.

    1. Fuck cancer! It took my mom and one of the better uncles.

      Is it better to be alive and broke or to die rich?

  2. Had a very good priest describe it as such:

    Old Testament: We are children, God treats us as children. Don't do this, don't do that, or I'll punish you!

    New Testament: We are adults. God treats us as adults. Please try to be nicer to each other, okay? Here are some suggestions...

    People can't seem to grok this. Funny, you as an avowed atheist gets it more than most fundamentalists. But, then again, you are a rather adult-acting adult. Unlike many 'christians'. (I label them little-c 'christians' because they act like children. Act like an adult as a Christian and you get the big-C treatment. Same with muslims vs Muslims.

    People need to be who they are, whatever it is. Some need to be teachers, others soldiers, some this, some that. Some even need to be leftists to feel complete. Just don't try to force your freakiness upon me and I'll be okay. And I do know some really good leftists, that just really try to be good socialists rather than political socialists, and they do do good work.

  3. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. And that's all I have to say about that.

    1. ...and look! You weren't a dick about commenting and got your comment published!

    2. Yeah I'm a live and let live up to a certain point then my Irish temper blows up!!

  4. The Silmarillion is a better read than most religious books. And yes, fuck cancer. I've lost way too many people to it.


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