18 July 2020

Stop Paying Them

VDH on the NFL.

In a couple of months we're cutting the cord... uh...  It's a satellite receiver, not a cord.

At any rate, we're no longer getting the programming we wanted to pay for and the realization that we're subsidizing professional sports and the channels that specialize in reporting on sports makes the decision easier.

The channels I used to watch no longer have the shows I liked.

Harvey had more inertia than I did about shutting it off, but she's there now.

I have a few questions for the actors and players from Hollywood and Professional Sports.

Where do you think your millions of dollars come from?

What happens when nobody buys a ticket or tunes in?

Lemme answer.

The millions of dollars that pay your salaries come from millions of fans spending a tiny amount in ticket sales, merchandise and being the targets of advertising.

Providing a target for advertising is where sports is making the really big bucks.  This is why they are playing to empty stadiums and how they can afford to do so.

Someone is paying the television broadcaster millions upon millions to play their ads during the game.  The broadcaster is, in turn, paying Professional Sports millions upon millions to do something that people will tune in to watch, and thus be exposed to the ads.

More people watching translates to higher ratings, higher ratings mean the broadcaster can charge more for an ad slot.  Fewer people watching translates to lower ratings, lower ratings means the broadcaster cannot charge as much for an ad slot.

This is where we poors come back into the picture.  If we don't watch, we lower the ratings.

While TV plays the game to sell ads, we don't tune in to watch them.  We tune in to watch what's playing between the ads.  If viewers are not exposed to the ads, advertisers stop buying ad slots for that show.

Want Professional Sportsballers to shut up and play the game?  You have to starve them first.

The billionaire owners will still be billionaires if professional sports ended tomorrow.  The players, on the other hand, probably won't be millionaires for long judging by the way they spend.

You, sitting at home after work will not be affected much by the cancellation of The Sportsball Show either.

The players and actors need you far more than you need them.

We also need to eradicate the state funded training camps and recruiting stations called "Universities".  Call it one of many reasons to kill state funding of colleges.

If Hollywood and Professional Sports can get by on China's money alone, then I think that what they have to say about American politics and society should be ignored.  Completely ignored.

I'd also suggest that they be moved to China as well.

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