03 July 2020

National Parks Are Racist

They really are saying this.

The argument boils down to: Minorities don't make as many visits to the national parks as white people, therefore it's racist.

This is very much like trying claim that Colt 45 is racist because white people don't imbibe much malt-liquor.

The parks aren't racist by design or application.

The thing keeping minorities from visiting the parks isn't the parks.

Eliminating the parks won't fix the problem that's keeping them from visiting.

Even if the problem is a simple lack of interest in visiting them.

I've never been to Grand Canyon National Park, does that mean I'm being discriminated against?

Or does it mean that it's a long way from Florida and I've other things I want to do on vacation than visit Arizona?

Not every discrepancy in outcome is due to racism.

Here's a clue:  Many minorities live in self-imposed sub-cultures which preclude interest in things that the greater culture which surrounds them is interested in.  It's not forced on them from the outside, but it is real.

Also of note is that virtually every minority who "Uncle Tom's" and rejects the sub-culture and joins the surrounding culture is welcomed as a member and has few, if any, problems.

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