25 July 2020

Bottom Heavy

Something I've noticed about the composition of the Army's units in the late 19th century is an amazing lack of officers.

They're barely outnumbered by the NCO's.

Due to the dispersed nature of the frontier army, a company or troop was a fairly autonomous unit too.

It occurs to me that there's no staff built into the TO&E that's not also someone who's at the tooth end.

The 1890's US Cavalry has a tooth to tail ratio that the Mobile Infantry would respect.


  1. But does every trooper from tooth to tail fight? Every cap trooper drops. Even the sky marshal.

    1. The MI would respect it, not envy or emulate it.

      The Chaplin isn't supposed to fight in the 19th Century Cav, but he's there in the thick of it.

      The supporting train is at least among the troopers when things go to shit too.

      Custer's message, "Come quick, bring packs!" wasn't addressed to Fort Keogh, after all.


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