08 July 2020

None Dare Call It Racist

Why is it we're twisted around the axle over the police shooting of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks, two black men with lengthy criminal histories who were being actively violent while resisting arrest?

When we don't give two shits about Eric Shaw who was shot for simply being at a place he had a right to be, late at night, and leaving his door open or Daniel Shaver, who was shot to death trying to figure out what the fuck the cops were screaming at him from a state of inebriation.  Neither had a criminal history and both were white.

When it's put forward that Black Lives Matter doesn't care about any lives but black lives, this is my answer.

If you want to talk about excessive police violence and unnecessary killings, let's talk.

But you keep wanting me to get upset about felons making a final bad decision because they are black and ignore other shootings with far less police justification because they are white.

I was with you until you started being felonious over the Floyd death.  I actively don't care about Brooks because the riots undermine your position.

1 comment:

  1. If Black Lives Matter cared one hoot about black lives, they'd be protesting the gangbanger culture and hoodlumism that kills far, far more blacks than the police do in any given year. Not to mention things like the dysfunctional culture that kills black children by neglect or outright abuse. All they are is a way to scream at the police for doing their jobs.


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