24 July 2020

Career Limiting Move

I seem to recall that spouting off about politics, and expressing your opinion of POTUS is spouting off about politics, in uniform is verboten.

Like really against regs enough to go past non-judicial punishment.

They gave a soldier a letter of reprimand for merely giving a respectful speech at a Ron Paul rally once.  This is a lot worse.

Article 89 might apply.  Bad conduct discharge might happen.


  1. Oh... Wow... Er... So much fail there. Can't wait to see how this is going to go.

    Though, since she's a split-tail she probably will somehow skate, maybe even get promoted, the way things are in the current military.

    In a sane, normal world, she'd be sliding her ass out of the military like a fat kid down a waterslide. But since this isn't a sane, normal world...

  2. If a Democrat was in the Whitehouse and an enlisted person went off like that they'd probably be in big trouble, but I have a feeling that absolutely nothing will be done since the tirade was against a bunch of Trump supporters and the 'bad orange man'. Even in more sane times there were undoubtedly many people in the service that weren't fans of their commander in chief at the time. You'd probably have to go back to pre-Johnson days to find a time when it would be a big risk to criticize the president. What is disturbing is that this person apparently just stopped in traffic to get in the face of people involved in a peaceful assembly. I didn't see anything that a rational person would find offensive. Pretty typical campaign materials. It wasn't like it was a Klan rally or something. But loony liberals have decided that anyone to the right of Bernie are fascists. It isn't a sane world anymore, to be sure.

    1. It's gone viral. SOMETHING will have to be done, publicly.

      The Navy is very conscious of its image right now thanks to Bonhomme Richard.


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