10 July 2020

Finally Confirmed

Every single one of the small breweries that I haunt has, despite my mask, recognized me.

I think we can stop with the idea that anyone at The Daily Planet was fooled by Clark Kent's glasses.


  1. Hold on there! I think you skipped a step. As I recall the setting, Clark Kent's co-workers were all ... journalists.

  2. It is just unpossible in the DC universe that Clark Kent would ever be suspected of being Super Man. Or Bruce Wayne of being Batman...

    In January I shaved off my beard on a lark. A lot of people didn't recognize me. I suspect if I'd cut my hair also it would have been a lot more.

  3. Well, it is New York (cleverly disguised as 'Gotham City') so cluelessness is a way of life there.


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