29 July 2020

Thinking About Going For The Record

My previous best "Years Without A Facebook Account" was 40.

I am thinking about trying to break that record.

I've been weighing the pros and cons of keeping the account and...


What value are the friends who don't interact with me even there?

What value are the family who don't interact with me even there?

If you can't even bother to stab 'like' on Facebook, are we really friends?

If you don't bother to post anything to Facebook, why do you have it?  It's no good for me to keep up with your life if you never share anything.  And if you're never sharing anything with me, are we really friends?

I'm getting sick of Karens and Facebook is proving to be a surefire way to let Karen into my life.

I am sick of the scolds who couldn't pass a reading comprehension test based on a Dick and Jane book.

My joie de vivre is constantly drained by having to not only explain that what I posted about isn't what they think my post is about, but that they're also getting what they THINK my post was about wrong.

I'm sick of being chided for being controversial by these scolds.

If I have to be completely superficial to you to escape being scolded, are we really friends?


  1. I'd avoid Facebook. The Stupid to Fact ratio is not worth the effort.

  2. Hmmmmph. I'm trying to do Facebook as anonymously as possible. There's some groups there that I really want to participate in - Search and Rescue, Vehicle Recovery, some Mil-Spec vehicle groups. Having created a name, email, as little as possible, Facebook wants a phone number and I'm NOT giving my normal number. Last time, a few years ago, they wanted a photo of my face! It's pretty ridiculous the measures they want to go through.
    I've lived without Facebook all this time, maybe it's not worth using a burner phone just for a number and verification text...
    Wandering Neurons

  3. I have largely pulled back from FB.


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