15 July 2020

It's A Miracle!

I just changed the batteries in my mini-Maglite.

This might be the second time in my entire life that I've done this where the reason for changing them was simple depletion.

I've killed lots of these things from leaking batteries.

I've lost so many I've lost count.

I intend to celebrate!


  1. I have had much improved luck with lithuim AA and AAA batteries. Zero leaks thus far (8 years of use if i recall right), and i've had both duracell and energizer alkalines leak new in the package.

    1. Me too!

      Surprisingly the batteries that I just tossed were alkaline.

  2. I have a Maglite Solitaire LED on my key ring, I use it nightly to light my way to my car when I'm leaving for work - - no floodlight on the garage to keep me from stepping on a snake or other animal in the dark. I have to change out the single AAA battery three times a year or so.


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