19 July 2020

Willards Most Affected

The tactical effect of real magic and mages is a wall I just slammed into hard.

On the very small scale of players in a game, I'm comfortable.

The Army would have different mages.  Quartermaster Corps would have mages who know completely different spells from a line-cavalry mage.

I think to properly figure this out, I'm going to have to learn Willard the GURPS magic system in far more detail than he expected or desires.

This is on top of doing the details on "Old-Magic".

Old-Magic can be VERY powerful, it sank Atlantis after all.

I definitely need to make a few line-mages and support mages to suss out some of the details.

Additionally, a regiment is going to want several items which can do something like cast weather dome just to make life less miserable in the field.

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