28 July 2020

Scientist With Cure For COVID-19 Gunned Down In Sacremento

Cancer will also have to wait now too.

Here's his Harvard Diploma:

Wait a second...  That's not a diploma!

I'm starting to think that he's not a medical researcher at all!

Long but shows it from several angles.


  1. What the hell was he doing on the streets a mere 4 years after he was convicted of child abuse? Well done to the police for doing what should have happened to him in 2016.

    1. What was he doing? Well, he was a recipient of the uncriminalization of crimes that California is doing. Assaults are no longer considered violent, crimes against children are being normalized, property crime is no longer prosecuted unless it is done against one of the ruling class.

      Seriously, between decriminalization of almost every crime and the mass release of inmates during various clemency releases and due to the Covidiocracy, I'm surprised anyone is in jail or prison in California except normal people who have committed the crimes of free thinking.

  2. Am I bad that I spent more time looking at how the officer's service rifles were configured?


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