23 July 2020

They're Not Silent By Choice

Muzzled Majority might be a more apt term for ye olde silent majority.

They might have something to say if there were any place they felt safe saying it.

Retaliation for speaking ones mind has blown back and gotten spouses fired.

People have been Swatted and Doxed.  I'm really starting to feel that swatting and doxing should be capitol offenses, because the intent is to cause real harm to the target.

I'm also of the opinion that the cops shouldn't roll on the word of an anonymous tip.  "Who are you and how do you know this information?" should be asked and answered before the SWAT team even sets down their coffee.  Using anonymous tips should be prohibited by the 6th Amendment because without the identity of the caller, how can one be able to face ones accuser?

There's growing evidence that people are lying to pollsters and acquaintances about their real political feelings.  The Left wants this to happen because the last thing they want is for the majority to discover that they are, in fact, the majority.  There are several information cascades that led to the Left losing control when such majorities suddenly realized that not only were they not alone, but were quite numerous.

Just about the only voice a muzzle majority has left is the ballot box.  How many attempts are in play which serve to make vote tampering easier or to make an opposition vote meaningless?

The muzzled majority is grumpy and getting agitated.  The Left had better pray that vote is all they do, but by the way they're pushing buttons things might go Ninja Turtle before the election.


  1. This is why there are only two people on the planet that know my true identity, and my wife is not one of them. One of them actually has some opposite political views, but is still a trusted confidant that I respect. If I was paid by some entity to write what I write, that would be different. There is so much intolerance and disrespect for opposing viewpoints, that I can not risk my livelihood, or in extreme cases, personal safety.

  2. Hey Angus;

    There is a runbling going on under the surface, people are getting pissed, they can't say anything for fear of getting doxxed, or fired or harassed. The rumbling is getting louder as we are getting closer to election day. I honestly believe that there will be a surprise as there will be a landslide as people take their frustration on the ballot box because they see all the bull crap that is going on and it is the final safety valve before the switch is flipped.

  3. I don't answer any political surveys or anything like that anymore. It isn't safe to. Say the wrong thing to the wrong person and as you say, get targeted for swatting, doxxing or worse. And the media wonders why their polls are often wildly inaccurate?

    Here's the problem even with just staying silent. The message from the oppressive left is 'silence = violence'. If you aren't loudly and vocally toeing their political line then you must be the enemy.

  4. When I was working for a local pd on a 'task force,' I was able to, within a minute of being given a name or address or both, to pull down a ton of info on the location, names associated with it, and so forth. A minute.

    To send a SWAT team (which takes about 30 minutes unless the location has an on-call SWAT team all suited up and ready to go) without any due diligence like sending a patrol car or an undercover car by or near the scene is criminal. Why? Because once the SWAT team members are sent, their response is always to overpower and overkill the situation.

    As to pollsters, people learned during McCain-Palen that to express support for Sarah and the other guy was to get one's house egged or worse, to get hit or worse, to be ruined at work or worse. And the situation only got worse since. I don't know anyone who talks to pollsters and doesn't lie.

  5. A lot of quiet folks are not so quiet. I see a zillion Trump yard signs and so far, not one Biden sign.
    My maga hat elicits numerous handshakes, not one dirty look.

    1. You don't live where I do then. A Trump yard sign here you'd be lucky if it was only stolen. More likely your house would be subject to arson or you'd be at personal risk of bodily injury or death. Now go 20 miles out into the country you'd be fine. And a Biden sign you'd bear no more than a few dirty looks even out in the rural areas. Because liberals are hypocrites. They claim to be the defenders of the 1st Amendment. But they lie. To them free speech only applies to politically correct speech.

  6. Silence is, in this case, NOT golden...


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