17 July 2020

National Tattoo Day

Short of LGBT rights and abortion, I've found no topic quite as polarizing as tattoos.

There's even slurs for each camp!

As a dirty inky, I celebrate today.


  1. I don't really have anything against tattoos. But I have none. Mainly because I can't commit to something that permanent.

  2. I don't want them but don't much mind them. And it's always amusing for me to see someone with Sino-Japanese characters (what the Japanese call "kanji" tattooed on them...and it's obvious that the person doing the tattoo had N-O idea of how those characters work. Kind of like seeing something written in "English" by someone totally ignorant of the language who doesn't know the difference between upper-case and lower-case letters, can't really spell, and doesn't know what the words mean anyway.

    1. I've kind wanted a tat in Chinese that says, "I don't speak Chinese."

    2. I could write the characters out for you, but you'd be better off getting a real Chinese person who's literate in Chinese and can handle a writing brush for the calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy is an art in itself.

    3. Even more fun would be, "This is not Chinese" in Japanese.

    4. All your base are belong to us.


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