19 July 2020

I'd Say It Worked

"I'm a 38-year-old single man. There's this very pretty, very nice female trainer I see at my gym. I'd ask her out except that she has a huge tattoo of a diamond on her neck. Ugh. Total deal breaker. If it were a hidden tattoo (leg, hip, etc.), I'd deal. But I just can't imagine myself or any guy bringing a girl with a huge neck tat home to meet the parents. Why would a woman do this?"

Why would she do this?

To make guys like you pass her by is the obvious answer.

Don't think about it too hard, you'll just end up crying.


  1. Hi Angus!!,
    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!".. Obviously not in the eye of that poor chap!!....
    I'd say that he's thinking a bit tooooo far ahead.... first he has to get her into the sack... and if the tat is that much of a turn off!!... He forgets... he can always turn off the lights and he forgets the alternate reason for a pillow case!!!!!
    She could just be a "Bum Lay!!" Then "end of story."
    On the other hand, if she can twist his pickle into a joy ride to the other side of the galaxy!!... the tat would be a moot point!!!
    In spite of all I posted.. and reading this guy's post... at "38" this dude has "Problems!!!!" If I was the chick (tat or no-tat!!) I wouldn't go outwith him....
    Just sayin!!!!!!!!!
    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!,

    1. The tone of his Dear Abby letter suggests that He's the only one who matters in his mind.

      I stand by my assessment that defensive coloration worked.

  2. And then, when she's 40ish, she'll wonder why no nice guys would date her and only jerks and bad men were attracted to her.

    1. Tats aren't the stigma they used to be back when we were young and dumb.

      At one point they were an accurate predictor of the wearer. That hasn't been true for a while because a lot of "normal" people got them for various reasons.

      The memory of what they used to represent has not faded completely, thus the Dear Abby letter I quoted.

    2. It also depends on the quality of the tat. High-class tats are more acceptable than "Tattoo Nightmare" quality tats.

      I've seen more than one nice looking woman who's destroyed her skin with a prison-looking tat.

      Which, of course, means either tattoo coverup or laser removal.

    3. Yup. We've transitioned to "what kind of tat and where" from "they have tats."


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