16 July 2020

Pscyhological Does Not Mean Fake

There's two huge reasons why I get pissed at bigots who can't grasp something like gender dysphoria and separate it from being a child molester.

First, the class I didn't take that would have completed my bachelor's of science in psychology was English.  3 credits of English separated me from graduation with the degree.

It's not that I didn't learn the material, my summer internship convinced me I didn't want to be a psychologist.

Second, I have an invisible psychological problem.  Two, really.

Misophonia is real and obscure.  You've no idea how many times I have to remind close friends that what they're doing is setting it off.

It's just as irritating for them to accommodate me as it is for me to deal with their small movements and noises.

Being constantly dismissed because I have no physical indication of affliction and the person not understanding what I'm dealing with is very frustrating.

There's a third thing too.

Way back in high school, when I was being bullied constantly for being a gamer and dirt-head...

The only other clique in the entire school that treated us gamers as humans were the queers.

Not the computer nerds.

Not the jocks.

Not the cheerleaders.

The queers.

You people who didn't get your comment approved?  You sound just like the jocks who'd torment us because we really just wanted left alone.

I'm older and wiser now, and you assholes are meaningless.  You seek validation in the abuse of others because there's some failing of yours that you cannot bring yourself to face.

You should get counseling.  You could benefit from it.

Me, I've learned to have compassion for the suffering of others because I'm living with my own, personal, brand of suffering.

A suffering I cannot help, cannot treat and cannot readily explain.

Suffering from this is not a crime, not matter how tormented I am and how fervently I wish the idiot at the bar would stop chewing like a pig and bouncing his knee.  It's a crime when I attack him.

Dressing like a woman to alleviate a symptom of dysphoria isn't a crime.

Fucking a child is a crime.  EVEN IF YOU DRESS LIKE A MAN.  Which, by the way you uneducated dolts, is how most molesters dress.  The molester seeks camouflage, to be invisible to evade attention.  Children twig on someone dressing unusually, and that puts them on guard.

But you were so damn eager to be a bigot you didn't bother checking what the real circumstances of pederasty are.


  1. Something I realized a long time ago. LGBTQ+whatever is going to do what they are going to do. Whether I approve of it or not will not change anything. Nobody really cares what I think about anything anyway and nothing I could ever say would probably change anyone's mind. If you can't change something, why even worry about it. I've got plenty of more important things to occupy my time. Part of my realization was giving up religion. Before I was free from that, I was a lot less tolerant of different lifestyles. But if there is a god, he/she/it doesn't need me to try to persecute or save LGBTQ+whatever people. It isn't my place to do that. I don't feel called to do it. Really all I want most of the time is to be left alone to work on the things that I actually can change. As long as LGBTQ+whatever people can leave me alone about things I care about, then I won't bother them about their things. Now, I'm probably not going to go out of my way to affirmatively support them either, but I don't think it's necessary. Like I said, probably nobody really cares what I do anyway.

    1. The question isn't whether you'd go out of your way to support them, but if you're going to be a dick about NOT supporting them.

      The distinction appears to be lost on a LOT of people.

    2. Yeah, that is for sure. The same thing is true on a lot of issues. Life is too short to worry so much about what other people do in their bedrooms. If more people took a live and let live approach to most things I think the world would be a lot more pleasant place. The problem is it seems like a lot of people actually take enjoyment out of being a dick.


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