17 July 2020

Time To Switch To Decaf


That could have gone... better.

And at the end of the day, someone who clearly didn't like the cops already has their opinion set into stone.


  1. This is how I remember cops in the late 60's and early 70's. They'd read you the riot act, scare the living carp out of you, threaten to thrash you right there in public, and make you feel about 2 inches tall. (Of course, well, I was a kid, but I did get to hear MPs do that to drunk people all the time, ALL the time.)

    When did it become required to molly-coddle the idiots?

    Hope the trooper gets to keep his job. Because everything he said is true.

    And... medical marijuana user. Figures. I think I have actually met two people who legitimately use medical marijuana properly and with good reason. Everyone else who uses medical marijuana just love getting a prescription to get high. And they're like Vegans. You don't have to ask. They'll flat out tell you, "Bru, hehehehe, I got a medical marijuana card and, damn, I'm stoned on my ass." "What's your problem that you need medical weed?" "I'm a stoner, duhuhuhuhuh."

    1. The freaking VA has suggested I, because of my chronic pain issues, get a medical MJ card now that Florida allows for it.

      I counter with, "but I'm a gun owner..." and they nod and drop that plan.

    2. Until it is legal federally, it is a bad idea to go there. But I would never say anything about being a gun owner to a medical professional these days. Unfortunately that is a good way to get 'red flagged' and/or SWATed. You never know who you can or can't trust these days.

    3. Fortunately, I am rather allergic to the stuff, much like opiates, so any doc trying to prescribe herb or flower-sap is a hard no-go for me.

      My wife's pain doc said MJ is mostly hookum and only really works on a small set of specific issues, especially the way people take it (which smoking is the worst way.)

      Has your doc tried you on Lyrica and Gabapentin, with maybe an Oxycontin ER or Morphine ER (low doses, of course) as this seems to be the magic cocktail that works for some people I know.

    4. And it's funny, the same ones that bitch about the high price of Marinol (medical grade CBD, only swallowed, and price is affordable with insurance) are all for shelling out tons-o-cash so they can smoke their medical pot. Hmmmm...

  2. Just being a veteran is enough to get red-flagged or SWATted.

    I will not slink around and hide like I've done something wrong when I have not done anything wrong.

    Evil hides from the light.

    Sneaking around and hiding isn't going to save me, in the long run, from the evils of world so there's no point in doing so.

    There's a case to be made that being passive about this is how we got where we are today.

    Islam, Antifa and BLM are sure making the "might makes right" case and there's a lot of might on our side of the street.

  3. Flipping off a cop is legally protected speech, so the stop was illegal. Sated he was tailing the truck for violations on the Gov's order (sounds like quota's to me) and that's why he was speeding (Follows with the law that allows it) but then why didn't he pull the truck over for speeding.

  4. Let's pretend you are CCW carrier and someone flips you off.
    Do you draw on them with a weaver stance.
    Or maybe just scream and through yourself around like an asshole for awhile?

    1. I don't have to pretend.

      I have a CCW and I've been flipped off. I typically either think, "yeah, I had that coming" or "what's up his ass?" while maintaining a neutral expression.

      So far, I've never drawn on anyone. The two times I've come close weren't because I was being flipped off, I was being advanced on. Happily, both times, they thought better of it before something stupid could happen.

    2. Funny how the loony left are always assuming that CHL holders are going to go off at the slightest provocation. Here's the thing... Here in Texas we have over a million CHLers, and in many cases people don't even need a CHL to possess a firearm, such as in a vehicle, generally one is not required even for a handgun. And no permit of any kind is required to carry a long gun in public, even openly. So probably nationally millions of people legally carry concealed (and sometimes even openly) every day.

      And guess what? It is generally no big deal. There are rarely any problems. And the people causing problems are generally not CHL holders. In fact, DPS has been tracking this sort of thing since shall issue happened here. And a lot of liberals would probably be surprised to find out that CHL holders are generally far more law abiding than the average person. In fact, they're more law abiding than just about anyone else. People like pastors and law enforcement officers are actually more likely as groups to be convicted of a crime than CHL holders.

      A couple things -- CHL holders do not have law enforcement powers and are not protected from most prosecution by qualified immunity like LEOs are. So CHL holders are generally going to be a lot more polite and have more reasons to de-escalate a situation. LEOs can scream and jump around like @$$#013$ if they want because who is going to do anything about it? Even then, this sort of incident really doesn't seem to happen that often. Most LEOs are not terrible people. The only bad thing is, that one bad apple can ruin a person's (or many people's) day or sometimes life.


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