12 July 2020

No It Will Not

There's been some speculation that what we're seeing with the protests and riots is a taste of what they plan to do if Trump is reelected.

"Either elect our guy, or you get four more years of this!"


There will not be four more years of this.

I am seriously doubting that there will be four more months of this.

The Lovely Harvey, because of where she works, has a multitude of liberal co-workers and acquaintances.

They're not acting normal.

They're scared.

They've asked if we have any spare guns they could borrow or buy.

We'd have been happy to loan them a couple, but I suck at boating.

They're not buying the line that Black Lives Matter is selling.

They're shocked at the statues being knocked over, even the Confederates.

They don't want the cops gone.

Did I mention that most of her co-workers are black women?

Well, I guess they're just women now, because they're not planning on voting for Biden.

They've expressed concern that the shenanigans of Anti-Fa (not by name, they don't know that name) is going to cause a real race war and they REALLY Grok the word "minority" and what that means if whitey decides that they've got to fight for their very lives.

They're not scared of racists, but they are scared that someone is pushing the white-folk into a corner where they're going to have to kill a lot of darker skinned folks to get out.

Most of them have older family members who remember the dark days of genuine racism and worry that might be regarded as a better time to live in than when anti-fa finally tosses the last straw on the camel.



  1. This happens every time the country goes through a period civil unrest. They liberals are "woke" to the need for the 2nd amendment.

  2. It's like the Rodney King riots. My brother lives in Southern California and was there during those riots, and he said that a lot of people in his workplace who had previously been very liberal and pro-minority turned very hostile to minorities (at least blacks) after the riots. A dear friend from high school lives in the Greater St. Louis area, not impossibly far from Ferguson, and reports that people in her neighborhood were quietly locking-and-loading in case the trouble spread as far as where they were.

  3. I guess "The lovely Harvey" works with people who can do basic math. Blacks (13% of the population) pushing for a fight with Whites (60% of the population) will not end well for the Blacks....


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