04 July 2020


Pardon me if I am skeptical about the daily rate of new tests going from 4-6% to suddenly being 15-20% of the new day's test.

Especially on the heels of the CDC "casually" mentioning that Florida is lumping antibody tests with the viral tests.

We've gone from reporting "who has the virus?" to "who has had the virus?"

Also damning is how Florida is, quite deliberately, not mentioning that all the people who've had the disease over the past three months cannot still be sick.

The great news, which is not being reported AT ALL is the crude case fatality rate is well below bad flu season in Florida again.

Hospitalizations did not spike with the spike in new cases, as it did before antibody testing began.

Deaths have not started a parallel spike as should have as they trail the new cases by about two weeks.  They are, in fact, flat to dropping.  Eyes crossed that this remains the case.

The counting of cases and mixing viral and antibody testing is a scandal worthy of journalism's highest stated goals.  The kind of thing they used to give awards for.

If only the truth reflected poorly on Republicans, they'd be on it like... like... [metaphor not found].


  1. Like white on rice or in the new PC world, like black on liquorish.

  2. I suggest "like paratroopers on beer" as a simile.


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